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Our Story


Using our unique blend of skills, life experiences, and sheer determination, our team at Image360 Columbus - Dublin will focus on your enterprise and make your vision spring to life.  By establishing the value of your passion, we can draw out the phrases and concepts which communicate that passion to your customer.  Whether it be product, marketing knowledge, or simple signage, the value of your brand is paramount to establishing who you are and how your business represents itself to the customers you value.  We have the skill and experience in design, marketing, manufacturing, and staging to bring that vision to the forefront of your customer’s attention.

Dream Big and Together We Will Create:  The signage at the curb, the logo over the door, the lobby design which screams who you are.

Don’t forget about the impact on employees.  Having a brand is not just about customer passion, the brand also requires the buy-in and fanatical commitment of your biggest asset…your employees.  These people need to see your vision.  Drive your passion and take it well beyond anything you ever imagined.

This is where my story as the owner of Imge360 Columbus – Dublin begins.  After 20 plus years in large corporate enterprises, including some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world, I looked to carve out my own niche in the Columbus community.  I was prepared and lucky.  I looked at hundreds of businesses and found the one with the potential to utilize my corporate skills while at the same time harnessing the passion I have for finding and overcoming new challenges.  From a strong production sign shop, I have recognized and embraced the vision of extending our talents into becoming a branding and marketing presence with a focus on large format visual communications - helping customers to see their inner vision translated to a design level which can be seen from a mile away.  I am here to create the “In Your Face” branding image impact that people feel in their gut and go hell yes!  That’s who we are!

I was also lucky.  The company I bought came with some fantastic, if under-utilized, people.  These people possess talents in design, production, and the creative skills required to create a great branding vision for our customers. This vision results in displays that started as only a dream but turned into something they thought they could have only dreamed about. We look forward to the challenges the future brings and taking your vision to the next level and producing signage which screams it to the world.